Imagine a dimly lit space, soft with the glow of candles. The air is warm and smells of palo santo. Your eyelids drift further and further down as every muscle in your body lets go, your mind lets go, and your spirit sets free as you are surrounded by healing energy.  Every breath, cleanses your thoughts. Every second relaxes you even deeper—until your session is up and you can’t wait to schedule your next appointment.

That's a piece of the peace you'll find at Echo Fusion Healing Arts. I want to create an experience for your mind, body and soul that you can't find anywhere else. My wide variety of services and community offerings set me apart from the rest - I work with you to construct the treatment your body, mind and spirit needs.

Lindblad Expeditions® | Cruise Expeditions with National Geographic


In May of 2018, I spent over three weeks traveling a remarkable journey to Seattle, British Columbia, Haida Gwaii and Alaska as a Wellness Specialist aboard the Lindblad Expeditions® | Cruise Expeditions with National Geographic SeaBird‎. I immersed myself in the unique spirit of each place. I experienced abundant wildlife and glacial ice in Alaska’s Inside Passage, plus the rain forest coast, and wildlife-rich channels of British Columbia; and enjoyed the privilege of visiting Haida Gwaii. I learned about the art, culture and fascinating history of the Haida people and searched for endemic species in Haida Gwaii, considered the ‘Canadian Galápagos.’ I provided an early morning yoga class every day of the voyage along with massage sessions, and off-shore adventures for over 46 guests with granted permission to visit Gwaii Haanas National Park Reserve, National Marine Conservation Area Reserve, and Haida Heritage Site. The second trip I worked with over 26 guests to provide early morning yoga classes, massage and being a guide for hiking, sea kayaking and paddle boarding. I brought along my Bamboo-fusion® massage to warm my clients bodies after their cold adventures!

Sharing the Journey
My healing journey began in 2003 after being diagnosed with Hashimoto's thyroiditis. In 2012, I was introduced to the Akashic Records that opened up a whole new World to me which led to Reiki, setting me on a path of self-discovery, awakening my passion to help others. As a creator, I design individualized experiences with the understanding that every body is unique, yet the same, as we are mirrors for one another. I AM here to listen to your mind, body and spirit—to  uncover the best and highest version of you. Because if you are in need of relief, calm, quiet, healing—you can find them here. 

Dedicated to your well-being,

B.S., LMT, E-RYT® 200, RYT® 500, YACEP®, Holy Fire 3 Reiki Master, iRest® level 2 teacher

We are not going to change the whole world, but we can change ourselves and feel free as birds. We can be serene even in the midst of calamities and, by our serenity, make others more tranquil. Serenity is contagious. If we smile at someone, he or she will smile back. And a smile costs nothing. We should plague everyone with joy. If we are to die in a minute, why not die happily, laughing?
— Swami Satchidananda, The Yoga Sutras