Has anyone really experienced Marie Rothenberger and her awesome skill to perform soul surgery on your spirit?! The last session I had was like the most respectful way of saying she did Tibetan Bowl Metallica on my soul and body in the most peaceful reverence! This is a journey we should all participate in! Let’s have her visit next to my fireplace - soothing lighting - awesome people around in a small setting. Let’s make this happen! Message me with interest. It is one experience you cannot miss. Join me in having her be a guest on a chilly day and be surrounded with pure joy to the body and soul.
— Maria B. (licensed massage therapist and Holy Fire 2 Reiki practitioner)
Marie is a treasure. We found her several years ago while on vacation in Grand Haven, looking to add some extra relaxation to our trip. We got so much more - Marie is a knowledgeable practitioner, but also a kind and compassionate healer and now a friend. The cupping massage is unlike anything I’ve experienced, and her singing bowls are amazing! We often talk about making the drive from St. Louis, Missouri just to see her! She is always our first call when we book our annual vacation.
— Katherine M
Tandem Reiki and Holy Fire attunement experience: “Thank you Marie for sharing Holy Fire with me. Before the class I was feeling the winter blaahs. I didn’t feel anything different during the class, until I stepped outside. The whole world seemed brighter and it was as if my eyes were opened wider. I now wake up in the morning energized! It is exactly what I needed. Thank you again.”
— Wendy S. (myofascial massage therapist, Reiki practitioner)
Tandem Reiki experience - “I had the most amazing experience today! Nothing I ever felt before. Never have I felt so at peace and whole. I was perfection and I could feel love energy running through every meridian in my body! Thank you Marie & Denna for the Holy Fire Reiki experience! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Many blessings to you my friends.”
— Elisa M. (licensed massage therapist, Reiki practitioner)
“Marie is an awesome massage therapist, the bamboo and cupping massages are relaxing and dissolved the tension as I just floated off into another space in time. I highly recommend giving this a try. Well worth it.”
— Nancy D. (Licensed Master of Social Work & LifeStyle Coach)
“I’ve never had a massage before because I thought I would be too tense to fully relax. 20+ years of wearing heaving equipment for my job has taken a toll on my lower back. After just an hour bamboo-fusion treatment, I was surprised at the immediate relief I felt and how I was able to relax without being tense. The cupping has been the best treatment for my back. Not only is it efficient and effective but deeply relaxing. Now, I regularly schedule time at Echo Fusion to take care of my back and as a result I’ve noticed my blood pressure has lowered as well. I’d highly recommend Marie’s services.”
— Carl (First Lieutenant Post Commander Michigan State Police)
“I recently enjoyed a massage at Echo Fusion Healing Arts. I’ve known Marie for several years and have watched her explore and learn a variety of modalities. They all came together beautifully for me as a client on her table. The environment was wonderfully set, the music contributed to a gentle, relaxed state. But it was the manner in which Marie delivered the session that was remarkable. With very little conversation, she honed in on the problem areas and addressed what was needed. The transition from one part of the session to the next was seamless and efficient. Her work on my muscles was firm and effective without being painful. While my eyes were closed, (and covered with a warm, scented eye cover) in my mind’s eye, I could see that as Marie worked, it was a very lovely, elegant dance that she does. Over 35+ years, I’ve had body work done with a wide variety of massage therapists, and I would rate the quality, among the very highest I’ve experienced. I recommend her to anyone looking for this type of care.”
— Eric W. (Lifestyle engineer, long-time receiver of massage, introduced for the first-time to the dance, the art form, of massage)
I recently had the privilege of being placed in Holy Fire Reiki, and I cannot say enough about how life-changing the process was. Marie has the ability to connect with each student on a personal level and make everyone feel comfortable and capable. Not only am I now certified to practice this powerful healing technique on my clients, but I have already experienced profound energetic shifts within myself since completing the course. Thank you, Marie, for sharing this incredible gift with me – I recommend it to anyone wanting to live a happier, healthier life.
— Melissa G. (Life Coach, Holy Fire Reiki practitioner)
I’m so glad I took this reiki class with Marie! The environment was very peaceful and I really enjoyed the meditations and discussions that were held. We were giving lots of good information as well as a folder full of notes and things to bring home to look back on. Since having my class I’ve been doing a lot of self healing. I can actually feel the energy in my hands as well as my body while doing it and it feels so awesome! If your at all interested in reiki healing I would 100% recommend Marie’s class
— Katie G. (Business owner, Holy Fire Reiki Practitioner)
“I’m a runner and my muscles are always tight. The warm bamboo massage brought me the most relief compared to other sport or deep tissue massages.”
— Sami A. (paramedic/firefighter)
“Marie is an amazing healer and she has so much kindness! I wish I was there to get a treatment!”
— Kathy S. (owner of Leti-Kat, Colorado resident)
“For years I’ve suffered from sulfite allergies which caused headaches. Marie happened to be over to the house when I was experiencing one of these headaches. She offered to do Reiki healing on me. She placed one hand on my forehead and one on the back of my head and held this pose for 10 minutes. There was a lot of activity going on in the room, people conversing, t.v. on and dogs playing but surprisingly, I was able to relax. Although I had no understanding of what she was doing, the headache went away and did not come back. Usually the headaches will come back the next morning but it didn’t. Since this experience, I encouraged my wife and daughter to learn Reiki so they could provide this energy work on themselves and me.”
— Rick A. (business owner/engineer)
“Marie is a wonderful and kind massage therapist. Thank you, Marie, for helping me while I recovered from surgery!” - Holly J
“Marie performed my first bamboo massage...and I’m here to say that it won’t be my last! It was warm & relaxing. A wonderful experience! I felt rejuvenated.”
— Gretchen S. (make-up artist)
Your New Space is AMAZING! It is so much more peaceful and filled with love than the last place. The minute I walked in I felt relaxed. The raindrop massage I received was marvelous. The different oils used lasted throughout the day and I walked away feeling better than ever, and got some of the best sleep I have in years. The ambient lighting in the room was breathtaking. Thank you Marie! I will be back!
— Vanessa S
“As I entered Marie’s peaceful sanctuary I felt a calm over my entire being. From the moment her hands began the massage, it was as though cares were beginning to slip away. Through the hot bamboo technique she used my body instantly relaxed and responded to the healing treatment. The hot bamboo felt as if she had two sets of large hands working both sides of my body. It was brilliant. Marie was tactful with her approach and in tune with the areas she was working. I absolutely loved the natural oil she used in conjunction, and after years of massage have never encountered an oil [fractionated coconut oil] or technique I liked better. Through careful touch and perfected pressure application it was an experience I believe everyone should have,.. and then have again! I look forward to returning to the Echo studio for continued healing benefits and have already made an appointment for my daughter and two great friends!”
— Blair B. (ripologist - longboarder)
I have had a number of visits with Marie over the last few months. I have been using professional massages for for the last 20 plus years. We have one of the most skilled people I have ever visited right here in our community. Marie offers a very wide range of of different skills from deep tissue, to sound therapy, which I’ve never experienced before but have found very powerful. If you are seeking to change your body worker or looking to try massage for the first time I would highly recommend Marie at Echo Fusion. She is by far the most skilled person I have found in Western Michigan.
— Ross S
“It was an outstanding experience that both relaxed and released stress and tension in my body and have been feeling like a young child - limber and full of energy being able to work without pain. Thank you soooo much!”
— Dakota Z. (Armed forces)
“Marie’s space is a welcomed retreat. As a mother of two young toddlers, I cherish the time spent at Echo Fusion to pause & get balanced. Marie offers her listening ear and warm bamboo to ease away the stresses of being a mother of young children. Being a mother herself, she understands the pressures of working outside the home and caring for children. She gets it! And she is there at the drop of a hat to melt my worries away when I most need it. It is truly a retreat, finding comfort in one that understands and has the tools to help me nurture my mind, body and spirit. I highly recommend Marie as not only a talented massage therapist but a wise listener and comforter.”
— Morgan B. (hypnobirthing professional)
“Marie is an excellent massage therapist, specializing in bamboo style massage. She was very thorough and keenly listened to where I was having issues in my neck and legs. She is a wonderful individual and someone you would feel comfortable with.”
— Wendy S. (professional photographer)
“I’d like to share my experience: I had the pleasure of receiving Marie’s bamboo fusion massage and I must say the experience was delightful and deeply healing. The use of the bamboo tools allowed a unique way of relieving the muscles and relaxing the body. I especially liked the feeling of the tapotement sticks. Marie herself had a most soothing manner about her and she integrated the most delicious natural aromatherapy oils to enhance and rejuvenate my energy, while increase my feeling of calm. The bamboo massage was followed by some energy work [Reiki] that charged me with energy, then moved me into a blissful state of deep relaxation. I think one of Marie’s massage is a great gift to give yourself or your loved one. I want to get another one soon.”
— Will M. (Wellness consultant - lover of the tapotement sticks)
Marie is incredible! She uses a variety of practices to not only create a safe calm space, but bring you into the deepest relaxation as possible. Queuing on multiple senses you will be taken on completely individuated journey because everything she does comes from an intuitive space. Do this for yourself, you’re worth it.
— Shane R
A session with Marie is a must. If you have not yet experienced a massage or sound healing/meditation with Marie you are seriously missing out. She’s dedicated to her craft(s) and has many tricks up her sleeve to help you in just the right way that’s specific to your needs. She’s a kind, patient teacher as well. I loved her Holy fire reiki 1 and 2 class and am excited to sign up for her next level 3 class.
— Stephanie C (bodyworker)
“Marie’s specialty is an exquisite and enveloping, full sensory experience, that relaxes and rejuvenates, mind, body and spirit. There is a radiance about Marie that is felt as well as seen. Marie’s numinous light shines from her eyes and her energy body. She is as warm and generous in person as her treatments.”
— Kim R. (artist, published author/illustrator)
I have had massage and energy work done by Marie of Echo Fusion Healing Arts which was really wonderful! She incorporates many different healing tools/modalities (such as aromatherapy, music therapy and cupping) and she is so knowledgeable. Also, she has created a very calming and sacred space for her clients and it feels so relaxing and healing to be in such a beautiful environment. In addition, I recently took her Holy Fire Reiki workshop, and I must say that it was exactly what I needed; it was very comprehensive and at the same time spiritual and uplifting. I think what makes Marie so good at what she does is her passion. I highly recommend Echo Fusion Healing Arts!
— Cadence Z (Clarity Breathwork practitioner, nurse)
“I’ve been a barefoot runner for two years now. Part of my preparation for barefoot running is prepping my calves with a rolling pin or rock. I found the warmed bamboo sticks replicated the treatment on my calves, providing a deep yet gentle release of my tight muscles. The bamboo was smooth and the pressure was consistent allowing my body to fully relaxed instead of feeling poked at like other deep tissue massages have felt. Karen was adaptable to my needs and comfortable to be around.”
— Jessica K. (barefoot runner)
“I am very uncomfortable trying something “new” so was hesitant when Marie offered me a bamboo massage for my birthday. She made me feel comfortable and relaxed as soon as she started. It was a wonderful experience and I would highly recommend it!”
— Elsa S. (grandmother & regular massage enthusiast)
I have visited Marie numerous times since moving to Grand Rapids in 2008. Why do I drive all the way to Grand Haven / Spring Lake when there are literally hundreds of Massage Therapists in Grand Rapids? Because a trip to see Marie is worth it. She is the consummate professional in many different modalities of massage and spirit healing techniques. I come away from her treatments refreshed and invigorated...she is the best of the best.
— Mike A